OpenSim (EN)

Art / Science project « DualCorps, led by Claire Sistach and Soizic Sanson (Eunice VSG team), is an intensive immersion in a virtual world : OpenSim.

DualCorps is a part of Labex Arts-h2h projects. Our partner institutions are : the Collège de France (chaire de neurophysiologie), the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (axe Spatial Media) and the Université Paris 8 (CITU/Paragraphe)It was also supported by the galerie H+, Metalab, Vill’Art, the fond SCAN de la Région Rhones-Alpes.


Project holder : Pierre Châtel-Innocenti

Scientific directors : Alain Berthoz, François Garnier, Khraldoun Zreik

Author and artistic directors : Claire Sistach and Soizic Sanson

Development team : Claire Sistach, Soizic Sanson, Melanie Thielker, Dionysis Zamplaras, Ponnara Ly

Project summary :

The two authors will only be living through the virtual world during two complete weeks (each day and without any other activity). They will only use their avatars to communicate, all others ways of communications will be cut and their living environment limited to a closed flat for each of them.

The particularity : they will use the same avatar – a double avatar, like twins. Claire’s avatar and Soizic’s avatar will be connected to the same database : all actions of one avatar will be passed on both avatars. This means, among other things, that each person/avatar who will address messages to our similar avatars, won’t know of he/she is talking to Claire or Soizic, because both will receive the message and be able to answer it (unless they choose to say who is who). This also means, that every item which could be given to Claire or to Soizic, will automatically given to both.

A protocol was developped with Alain Berthoz, honorary professor at the Laboratory of Physiology of Perception and Action of College de France, in order to extract some scientific data from this experience. These data will be retrieved from physiological sensors worn by Claire and Soizic.

A web page will allow the visitors to follow in real time many activities of the avatars, but also of the authors themselves and their sensor’s data. This will include a data visualisation in 3D, fruit of a collaboration between Claire and Soizic and Dionysis Zamplaras, from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. You can discover it here :

To read more about DualCorps (in french), click here.

When ?

From 17th to 30th september 2016 : two weeks.

Where ?

It depends if you feel like a player or a spectator, or if you would like to follow the experience on the internet or « in real ».

  • Option 1 > you can meet us in OpenSim by creating an avatar and join us (you need a powerful processor and a powerful graphics card).
    • First, create an account on OS grid (« join now ») :
    • Then, download the Firestorm viewer :
    • Once Firestorm is installed, enter your login and password (from OS grid), and select OS grid in the drop-down menu (on the first image below), then click on « Log In ».
    • In the world, click on « World », then « World map », and type the address of our grid below « Find on map », as on the second image below :
    • Then, click on « Teleport »… you joined us !